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Established in 2007 as a broadcast & wireless communications tower services contractor, Worldwide Communications Consultants, Inc. is owned and operated by the same family that founded Central Tower, Inc. in 1984. Central Tower was a full-service tower and site accessories fabricator which primarily serviced the broadcast tower industry for many years before being sold in 2001 to Dielectric Communications and eventually rebranded as Tower Innovations. As the pioneering communications tower fabricator in the Southern Indiana/Northwestern Kentucky area, Central Towers, Inc. was singlehandedly responsible for giving birth to the numerous tower fabricators located in this area, many of which remain in operation today.

In October 2014, Worldwide Communications Consultants, Inc. made the decision to expand their reach within the wireless and broadcast industries and built a new facility in Newburgh, Indiana to house corporate offices and steel fabrication plant. Shortly thereafter, Worldwide Communications began fabricating tower & monopole modification steel to supply the growing demand of the wireless site services industry and their efforts to reinforce existing infrastructure. Worldwide Communications expanded their reach and fabricates self-supporting and guyed towers for the wireless and broadcast industries.

Our great team

Core Team

Ray Ryan

Newburgh, IN 47630          Ray@wctower.com

Office: (812) 490-0720          Mobile: (812) 455-3366

Tim Ryan
Vice President Manufacturing

Newburgh, IN 47630          Tim@wctower.com

Office: (812) 490-0720          Mobile: (812) 455-4906

Mike Ryan
Executive V.P. Installation

Newburgh, IN 47630          Mike@wctower.com

Office: (812) 490-0720          Mobile: (812) 455-5336

Nancy Ryan
Operations Manager

Newburgh, IN 47630          Nancy@wctower.com

Office: (812) 490-0720

Jerry Bishop
Plant Manager

Newburgh, IN 47630          Jerry@wctower.com

Office: (812) 490-0720          Mobile: (812) 589-4993

Ben Q. Strange
Fabricated Steel Sales

Newburgh, IN 47630          Ben@wctower.com

Office: (812) 490-0720          Mobile: (812) 470-7949